What would make you support a notes app store?

There has been much debate on a notes application based store/catalog/whatever over the past six months or so.  Maysoft have released one, and there has been much discussion over that recently too.  I’m not here to debate the arguments either way.  If you don’t know what I am talking about,  you can start here.  The short of it from my standing (pun intended) is that many “community” voices do not support the store in its current configuration.  Some vendors I know also do not support the store.  I’m not going to go into the “whys”.  Why?  Because the vast majority of people, myself included, want this to work.  So I have some questions and would like to see some feedback if possible.  Would you support the notes app store (i.e. join it, review applications, post links, even post icons on your site) if it consisted of the following:

  • Was a catagorised catalog (the store just wont work) of applications with independent reviews that are verified.  Vendors put up their own product information and people comment.
  • Was hosted on independent servers/hosting service
  • Sent all details to vendors of any person that wants further information (i.e. a potential lead).  This information is not retained in the application – it is mailed out and then deleted after a designated period of time.  If any vendors started spamming leads after receiving a new email address, the person has the capacity to leave negative feedback as a lead.
  • Charged for this service!  Yes, you heard right.  Vendors pay to have their product listed annually.  A nominal fee to cover all costs and possibly make money (god forbid considering the term “community” equates to “free labour” for most corporates).
  • Was overseen by selected people to ensure that it is correctly managed.  These people have access to the servers and code.  Some of these people (at least) are not vendors/product related and possibly get paid to ensure that nothing untoward happens with data.

I have no interest in this becoming a bitch session, but would like to hear the thoughts of the people I respect in this field.  Nothing above is an absolute, but I would like to know if this type of approach would gather support.


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