GSX Monitor 10

Working in a very wet Nice with GSX this week.  Version 10 of Monitor/Analyser is out very soon (read: days from now).  Some lovely enhancements to the 9.x build and some brand new features make it a very compelling toolset for a Messaging, application or mobile monitoring company.  Some points to note about the new release.

Modular installation.  Pick the items you want to monitor.  These now include:

This one tool now monitors all these products.  Dedicated interfaces, dashboards and immediate access to data plus proactive notification of issues.  These are pretty deep dive features tool, including the full-fat Sametime 8.5 monitoring and Exchange cluster monitoring to name but two.

The overall GSX Monitor UI has improved and been (gasp) modernised to look like it belongs in this century.  Not this decade mind you, but at least it is improved.

The Flex-based GSX Analyser has been improved again, permitting more customisation on reports.  For those that don’t know, Analyser will take all the statistics from Monitor, output them on a very pretty, flexible web-based UI, or email you statistics in a customisable pdf on a set schedule.  If you are an administrator, you want this.   It does a lot of work for you and makes you look very good.

Lotus Traveler monitoring

The Traveler module is particularly interesting to me.  Server side, servlet side, http and device activity with alerts for issues.  Reporting is also available through Analyser.  As you can see, GSX are working on matching their BES monitoring interface (not as much detail for obvious reasons).

Along with these (and many more) large scale improvements, there are many minor adjustments including maintenance mode (downtime) monitoring and scheduling tasks.  The GSX toolset (and the staff) have always impressed me.  I never took to the monitor UI, but it has improved.  The analyser tool however , is stunning.

This is a very powerful tool with great depth.  If you are in an operational role, you should take a look.

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