My original iPad is getting a new home. So my purchase was more out of necessity than desire. While in the Apple store in Belfast I picked up the 32gb Wifi model for myself. Although reviews have been done to death I thought I would give my 2c.

Can I be the first to not go on about the screen on the new iPad? The problem with the iPad1 (and especially the iPad2 with cameras) compared to the iPad”3″ is that there is not much functional difference. From an engineer’s perspective I can still do work on my iPad1, watch movies, listen to music, use my SIP gateway, Traveler, Connections, rdp, vnc and a lot more. The difference to me is speed. As new OS’s came out the iPad1 got slower and slower. Screen touch software needs to be responsive as there is no tactile response that lets you know you have clicked something. You need to see it happen. On the original model, you could be left waiting quite a few seconds for the processor to catch up with your fingers.

The iPad3 is fast. Well fast. Go faster stripes fast. It makes my experience a lot better. Yeah the screen is great, but that is lost on me. I am yet to use the camera. But it is now much more responsive to my needs.

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  1. Hans C. Koch Said,

    April 18, 2012 @ 9:10 am

    I’m completely with you. I do, however, like the new screen. It is significantly better to read text on the new screen than on the older model.
    The battery is crap, though. 10 hours? Right… I’ve been running up to 6h on my 3. And it takes longer to charge than to discharge (and yes, I’m using the new charger).

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