The inaugural Mobile User Group event

The mobile market is the fastest growing market in the world.  Just like every other technology, there are different sectors, tools and skills required to integrate mobility to your business.  Be it small scale, mid size, enterprise or government, there are many considerations and masses of information and vendors.  User group events have always been very successful at cutting the hype from the content, the marketing from the reality and the sales from the skills.

On September 9th in London, the first UK Mobile User Group event will run.  A single day covering different tracks in mobility.  All vendors, all technologies welcome.  As with the other user groups we have arranged over the years there will be no cost to attend, as your investment is your time.  Come for a day to find out what you need to know to work with mobility. Be it blackberry, MDM, MAM, device manufacturers and glimpses of what is to come.   This is aimed at technologists and strategists, management and development.  Hopefully it helps everyone.

We are *really* excited about this User Group event.  Spaces will be limited as we are testing the water, so if you want to go, register here.  If you want to sponsor and demonstrate your technology or solution, click here.

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