Bruce’s hair. An obituary

I first met Bruce’s hair in 2006, when he, his carrier and his wife started to talk to me at Lotusphere.  He knew me from some posts I did on Microsoft application analysis and wanted to talk about business and life in general.  From there on, Bruce’s hair helped me with session ideas, podcasts, dealing with storm’s in teacups and rallying the troops when needed.  Bruce’s hair, or his carrier never spoke code to me, as I don’t speak that lingo, but always spoke community, technology and strategy.  In a smart way.  Not a smug way – just a nice smart “how can everyone benefit and share the love way”.  I loved that.

In 2008 the hair came to Ireland (on it’s own coin) just to present at ILUG for me, which I will always be grateful for.  The hair presented on how it got stronger and better as people used Openntf.  And in the background the provisioning of Openntf had significant play in extending the life of the Domino platform.  The hair gave a professional podacast for many years with Julian Robichaux – I was asked to be on that a few times and muddled through, attempting to sound half as professional as these guys.

The hair worked in the murky depths of the community as much as the spotlight, organising, planning and settling disputes most people will never hear of.  He managed to keep a dysfunctional family moving.  Once a  year, he would instruct his carrier to sing Happy Birthday to me as loud as humanly possible over skype, always making me smile and regret that ever year I forget to record it.

The hair has managed to score a pretty outstanding wife.  Gayle is as much a part of this weird family as any of us.  She sits with geeks and does not fall asleep.  Amazing!

The hair has managed to run multiple businesses and jobs simultaneously, while keeping an upbeat attitude and always caring about everyone else.  He instructed his carrier to give outstanding sessions, and infuse enthusiasm in everyone in an instant.  It was only natural that a teaching position would follow and it is great to see him succeed.

After many years of steady decline, the hair has left us.  His carrier still shines as much as ever though and we will always be grateful to him!


  1. Hail Bruce The Mighty Said,

    October 2, 2013 @ 3:07 pm

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  2. Mat Newman Said,

    October 3, 2013 @ 12:32 am

    Told as only an irishman could. That’s beautiful man ;-) (hug)

  3. Lars Olufsen Said,

    October 3, 2013 @ 8:55 am

    Royal, Paul! Just Royal!

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