So… 2013 happened

I best jump on the bandwagon of writing up an epitaph to 2013.  Of course, of the many blogs I read in various communities I know that mine will be mostly uninteresting in comparison, but sure here goes anyway.

In short, 2013 was defiantly a year where I felt “older”.  Some of this is related to actually not being as healthy as I used to be, back then I’d get my hands on the best products to help my health get stronger, and the rest was due to incidents and milestones.  It was a mixed bag of a year on a personal front.  Some good, some bad.  Technology wise, it most definitely was a year of transition.  But treating technology as simply “technology” reminds me that the problems and the people will always be the same.

January involved my seventh trip to Lotusphere (screwit – I’m sticking with that name).  Many other people put it a lot better than I did about the events of that week, but needless to say I have very vivid memories of certain things.  The rest was just an unimportant blur.  Sadly the vivid stuff still haunts.

In February, Gab Davis and I rewrote for version 4.  It took a few days and as ever Gab’s commitment and simple desire to educate people stuns me.  No hidden agenda, no bullshit.  She just wants to help everyone… anyone.  February also involved Kenneth’s funeral in Denmark.   After that, early March I managed to check a box and finally get to Australia, albeit for a very short trip.   However, Tony and I managed to squeeze in a lot and for once I travelled in style.  Auslug, and its organisers did themselves proud.  LCTY in Hamburg, BLUG and Madrid all quickly followed.

A highlight of the year was traveling to the Catalonia Moto GP  in June with my wife, Tony and Roy Holder.  A great break and I was hooked on race weekends instantly.  July and August was very busy with work, house hunting and study.  A week out for a holiday break in September just after the last UKLUG, which I rode to with Sean Cull and Simon Peek.  Good times.  Admincamp in Gelsenkirchen followed straight by a customer visit in Tampa (and visiting the Dolphin Hotel to meet up with Gab and Tim).  October, November and December went way too quickly, with many short trips and fortunately lots of work.

Lessons learned?  Quite a few on the professional side.  I screwed up once but also managed to pull off another project in a manner I’m proud of, so I consider that even (ok… I focus on the screwup but what did you expect).  On the professional/personal side I started to ignore people that drain energy.  No badness, just simply not trying to pander to folk as much as I used to.  One regret is taking this long to start doing that as it’s working out quite well!

2014 has many new projects on the horizon (two starting next week actually).  I have a suspicion that travel will be frequent in the coming year, but three personal projects are going to take priority over work.  One will be announced in about a month (get ready to put your hands in your pockets), the other two are kicking off soon.  The coming year is a game changer in many ways for me.  Hopefully 12 months from now it will have all worked out.

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