The future of mobile communication.

I remember when my mobile phone bill could have been calculated by the weight of the  posted invoice.  Any international road-warrior with requirements to provide support and be contactable has suffered extensively from roaming bills for calls and data.  I wince at the thoughts of how much I cost my company on the mobile phone for making and taking calls from anywhere,anytime.

This is starting to change. have made a brave move.

A few months ago I switched to the Three phone plan for my use from O2.  This includes the “feel at home” data roaming option.  Simply put, once I am in a country that is approved (including USA, ROI, Denmark, Sweden and m0re) I can happily data roam on my phone, or call the UK, all out of my normal plan.  No extra charges.  No selected networks.  Now my smart phone stays smart, without having to worry about the cost.  Hopefully other carriers follow.  IMG_1102

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  1. Vitor Pereira Said,

    January 26, 2014 @ 8:29 pm

    “Hopefully other carriers follow.” – Other carriers? Never mind other carriers, Three are not even doing it in their other markets. ROI customers will not get it so they say.

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