Dash4Dosh – 1 week to go

Advance Notice:  The next month or so is bike related.  If you fancy reading up on motorbikes, preparation, failure, rain, tents, Scandinavia, rain and rain, pay attention.  If not, thanks for stopping by.  There are many wonderful things on the internet.  Just don’t be a dick.

About a year ago, Sean Cull and I got talking about taking the bike trips to another level.  I’m pretty sure there was alcohol involved, but we hatched an idea on taking bikes up past the arctic circle and back.  Making it a challenge and pushing ourselves a bit more than we usually would.  We discussed charities, basic plans, dates, the Dander4Dosh crowd and tying in with that somehow.  All sorts of things.

Well in a blink of an eye a year has passed and in a week I head on a 5,000km (or so) trip to North Norway passing through the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and back on the Dash4Dosh .  As trips go, it is daunting and my trip starts on the 20th May getting to the UK.  From there, I will meet Roy and Chris and then in Denmark meet Gregg, Vladimir, Thomas, Arvid, Christian etc.  and start the trek.  All the prep details and abuse are on the facebook page, which has served the team well.  Also twitter plays a part.

Preparation has been a challenge, along with moving house and the most work-intensive 6 months I can remember, having free time to even *think* about the trip was/is a struggle.  But in the best tradition of ILUG (remember them?) we had random skype calls and dropbox plans.  Then we pretty much made it up as we went along.  The trip dates are set, ferries booked, meets and greets scheduled, and we are all getting ready.

My bike and gear has slowly come together for touring.  Buying most of what I need online for touring/camping the cost has been high, but for a “you will only do this once” trip, necessary.  My VFR full loaded looks like this.   It is *heavy*.



My temporary home, looks like this:


The sponsor drive for MacMillan charity has been amazing.  I cannot thank everyone enough.  As much for the positive vibes, likes and good wishes, to the cold hard cash put forward by so many people from around the world.   It reenforces a point brought home to me by the recent tragic death of Tim Tripcony.  This community consists of some of the finest souls I have ever met.  We had a fantastic run and many arguments.  But there was, and always will be a sense of family there.   Anyways, I best get cracking with the endless to-do list.

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