Dash4dosh – day2 – Liverpool to Harwich

Starting Location: Liverpool Harbour

Ending Location: Harwich Harbour

Total Distance Traveled: 550km

Bike Comfort Factor (1-10) :9

“Tired” Factor (1-10) :4

Tracking availability – Good!

Day 2 started on the Stena Line Ferry to Liverpool, after (at most) 2 hours sleep.  Possibly nerves or overthinking the route ahead was keeping me awake, along with  finishing off bits and pieces.


 At  6am I got back on the bike and took it to Preston, meeting Sean Cull and Roy McGeoch.  Roy, all kitted out in his new GS1200 took off like a scared rabbit through the UK motorway traffic.  Myself, being a bit scared of the width of the panniers (there is an old rule on bike filtering that if your front mirrors make it through the rest will follow – with my bike that is not exactly accurate) filtered at half the speed.  But we ploughed through the horrendous UK motorways and arrived at Cambridge to a welcoming committee.  Steph, Arshad, Abigail and baby Daniel joined us for a coffee while the third rider, Chris Harris was on the way.  While there, we got talking to Irish/Scottish trio just back from their european alps adventure.  When they heard about the route and the charity, they fished out their last Euros and handed them over wishing us luck.  Top folks!


After an hour we said goodbye to the ex Teamstudio and BCC staff and headed southeast to Harwich.  A small point about riding through the UK.  It is a horrendous experience on the motorways.  With where I live, I have to cut through the UK to get to Europe, and for a country with amazing A and B roads, the motorway experience is hideous.  Regardless, we made the ferry about 30 minutes before boarding.  Then, and only then, did it start to rain.



After tying up the bikes (DFDS Harwich ferry is shite for bikes.  Almost no room and no assistance) we settled in for the 18 hour trip and got talking to the other bikers there.  Marcus from Austria was a young land that seems to have worked everywhere and was now off to take a summer break riding around Iceland.  It seemed this is a popular destination, as other bikers were heading there too (something to consider for the future).

The other lads were more rested than I was and stayed in the bar.  I passed out in the cabin.


  1. Kim Smyth Said,

    May 26, 2014 @ 9:26 pm

    Hi paul we are the couple who you met just back from Europe you know last euros and all that.just want to say we are watching your progress, and you guys are doing fantastic.we have also sent an invite to all our fb friends to follow and did deep for you guys.good luck hope we all get a chance to meet up again soon.maybe do something together for ms as our 25 year old daughter has aggressive ms.keep intouch takecare kim and sean.

  2. pmooneynet Said,

    May 26, 2014 @ 9:37 pm

    Hi Kim. Was great to meet you guys and your holiday sounded amazing too! Not to mention your bike is a peach! Glad you got home safe and thanks for the assistance in getting followers. Let us know if you ever plan a trip!

  3. Kim Smyth Said,

    May 27, 2014 @ 8:36 am

    Hey paul glad to see you guy have made it well done.sean now wants a bike like yours but I can’t see him getting rid of the hayabusa anytime soon lol! Will defo keep in touch and let you know if we do a trip.safe home.

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