Dash4Dosh – day3 – Esbjerg to Jyderup

Starting Location: Esbjerg Harbour

Ending Location: Jyderup

Total Distance Traveled: 830km

Bike Comfort Factor (1-10) :9

“Tired” Factor (1-10) :1

Tracking availability – Good!

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 22.08.17

At 1pm (local) our DFDS ferry lurched into Esbjerg and we trundled off East with a plan for a short ride, petrol stop and then ride on to Jyderup.  After getting out of the town, we hit the E20 and headed east. Petrol stops on the motorway were few and far between and our tanks were getting close to empty (Chris was down to 7km free) so we decided to implement emergency measures and go searching for any local town one asap. We pulled in to check Sat Navs and saw there was one 4km away.  So we headed through the countryside on the blessed faith of TomTom and Garmin.  This is when, approaching a roundabout, a bee flew into my helmet.

What is your most terrifying moment?  Picture the worst thing that could happen to you, causing blind panic and being unable to do jack shit to prevent the inevitable.  Think back…. Yea well fuck you.  Approaching a roundabout, a bee flew into my helmet.

Screaming and not crashing I managed to crush the little bastard but not before he stung my lip and caused a minor heart attack.  Pulled over, disposed of remains and headed on.   Fuel done and lessons learned to plan better in future.

En route to Jyderup we had to cross the Great Belt.  One of the longest bridges in the world. We decided to stop on the west side for a photo near the coast, and ended up in Nyborg.  No real view of the bridge, but a lovely place.

IMG_1469 The ride over the bridge was windy, but from an engineering perspective, amazing.  All of this is recorded in video which will get on youtube when I get time to edit ti all.  On the east side, we headed to Körsor, so we could get pictures of the bridge, the Naval base and take  a few minutes break.

IMG_1471After that, North to Jyderup, where the fourth and fifth riders were waiting for us.  After arriving in the town, on blind faith of satnav we headed up a rough path on the bikes to a house in the distance.  There, at the end, Vladimir, his family, Gregg Eldred, Thomas Lindberg and Kirstin Denkler were waiting and waving us into a barn, to park up for the evening.

IMG_1476  We sat in the sun, made fun of each other and discussed the upcoming route while having a few beers and a bbq.  That evening, my tent cherry was popped (whilst being supervised and laughed at during the “erection phase”.  Later as I lay inside, constant pings of “what the hell have you let yourself in for” popped into my head.

IMG_1479Sleep came late.



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