Dash4Dosh – day 6- Härnösand to OverKalix

Starting Location: First Camp Kolmården

Ending Location: Overkalix

Total Distance Traveled (including this day): 2685km 

Bike Comfort Factor (1-10) :4

“Tired” Factor (1-10) :47

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 17.48.08

From about 5.30am Chris and I were too miserable to even try to sleep.  We packed up our soaking wet gear and got ourselves ready for a long day of “northwards”.  A few hours later Roy (aka Rested smug git), Vladimir (aka very rested and amused smug git) and Gregg (aka monumentally happy it wasnt him in the wet smug w*&ker) got themselves ready and tried not to laugh at us.  We knew we were bad when even they were saying “seriously, you guys look fucked”.  First objective – coffee.

We rode back into town in our damp gear and coffeed up as much as possible, then took the North East coast up the E4 to Umea.  At this point, I could notice the landscape changing.  More random boulders appearing.  Still lots of trees, but a different type, and the beginning of mountains with snow at the peaks.  The rocks got darker and the sky changed colour.  Sounds stupid but it started feel like a more primitive landscape.  About 300KM into the day, Vladimir waved us to slow down.  We were a few seconds behind an accident on the motorway.  A young girl got distracted and  had flipped her Saab into the motorway midsection.  By the time we got there, she was out of the car.  We rendered assistance until the rescue services appeared.  Although horribly unlucky, she was lucky on two fronts.

1 – She flipped into one of the parts of the motorway that actually had a real middle section (most motorways in Sweden are separated by a cable that can be removed so the road can be used to land military aircraft).

2 – She was in a Saab.    I joked with the girl that Vladimir could push it back on its wheels and she could drive home.  The girl had minor cuts and shock, but all was good.

Gregg’s GoPro was taking photos all day, so we have a picture of the car unintentionally.



We proceeded north, at a more sober pace, suddenly not feeling the damp as badly. At Tore we came off the E4 and heading NorthWest on the E10.  The problem with working in so many miles on days like this is we passed so many things we would have loved to see.  The plan was to always get north and take a more leisurely approach south, so we passed incredible towns and campsites, with steam-engines and amazing bridges.  Frustrating, but we just ploughed on.

By the time we reached OverKalix, Chris and I were wrecked.  We headed straight to the camp site I had selected.  By a lake, great facilities, lovely land.


Oh yes… closed.  Summer season didn’t start until June1.  3 days away.  I had not factored this into my research.   Not to worry, we passed a hotel a few minute before.  At this stage I was willing to pay for any type of bed.

Also closed.  European election day (shakes fist at sky).  This though, is when the best things happen.  Random people offered to lead us back to a cabin site we passed en route (about 8km back).  We drove back.  They had rooms.  I knew that I was supposed to stay in a tent, but there was a bed and I needed it.  Not only that, they had a massively overpriced restaurant which we also used!


This photo was taken at 10pm.  There was no real “nighttime” anymore.  Taking advantage of cabins, we charged absolutely everything.  I worked on my broken scotoiler, Chris re-packed his bike, Vladimir and Gregg abused us and Roy washed his BMW (a nightly process – the only person I have ever met that washes the bike on a tour).  I passed out about 11pm.

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