Dash4Dosh – day 7- OverKalix to Abisko

Starting Location: Overkalix

Ending Location: Abisko

Total Distance Traveled (including this day): 3012km 

Bike Comfort Factor (1-10) :6

“Tired” Factor (1-10) :3

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 19.58.58

After the trip the day before, we felt like new people this morning after some real sleep.  We started to pack up items when Gregg announced the nearby restaurant served breakfast!  Actual cooked breakfast!.  So over we went.  The most expensive brekkie in living history, but it was worth it.


And at this point, a moment of sadness and regret.  Sadness that Vladimir (who abuses me constantly) head to return home to Denmark and regret that after he did such a great job setting the pace getting us this far north so quickly, he couldn’t join us for Norway.  His lovely daughter’s 16th Birthday was coming up and he couldn’t miss it.  You would be hard pressed to find a better guide, host and family that constantly made me laugh as they viciously abused each other (and me) verbally.


Before heading NorthWest, we just *had* to make a detour to a tractor museum we say the evening before.  A few kilometres away, we pulled in and met the owner, who decided to open up just for us (it was not open in season as yet).  This guy had fascinating tractors, motorbikes and more.  He could have spent all day showing us around.  Starting tractors, showing us WW2 motorbikes, offering us coffee.  We stayed for an hour, but then had to move on.

40km later, we hit the arctic circle line for the first time.  The swedish version is marked and a small store/coffee shop is there.  A nice lady sells tourist stuff and we sit there, impressed with ourselves.


IMG_1561 IMG_1569 IMG_1556

Then, onwards we went.  Feeling it get colder as we headed more north and to higher altitudes.  The first of the frozen lakes appeared and the volume of traffic dropped off to almost nothing.  In the next petrol stop a local in broken english wanted to talk about cars ( I tried) and then his daughter who can’t find a husband living in Munich and won’t come back home.  I nodded appropriately.  Then “Is Jesus your saviour”?.  I pretended I couldn’t understand and we had to move on.  A few hours later and the bikes are rolling past Abisko National Park.  Stunning.  Just stunning.


From here, we had only a few hours to go to get the campsite.  The site was mostly empty (winter dog-sledding is their primary business).  Sean Cull had been in touch with them to book for us.  They even kept the local restaurant open for us and served us Moose.  We shared a room (bunk beds) and got to bed about midnight, in the sunshine.  The train station beside us rumbled with freight through the night.  The next day was the first scheduled rest day/contingency day.  There was an option to head north to Tromsö or take it easy.  There were differences of opinion on what to do the next day but everyone agreed that we were not tired enough to rest yet.  Onwards!

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  1. goranlindgrengbg Said,

    June 11, 2014 @ 7:23 am

    Thanx Mooney for a nice report from your trip in my beautiful country.

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