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Domino Ethical Hacking workshop announced

First announcement of the week.

Bluewave have decided to run a workshop in London on may 24th. This workshop will be an introduction to hacking with a domino slant. We have had to spend a lot of time in this field over the past months out of client requirements. And it’s pretty damn interesting.

The day is aimed at admins (devs please note this particular workshop won’t be talking script exploits at a deep level) who are new to this area and have domino http servers. It will be a combination of presentation and demo (similar to the traveler workshops) and we hope to run it in the USA too if there is enough interest.

Feel free to comment with questions.
click here for agenda and registration details

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Bluewave Patnership with Elguji

Bluewave doesn’t partner much.  In fact, over the 11 (Christ.. 11 already!) years of business, you can count the number of products we have partnered on with 1 1/2 hands, give or take a finger.  Reason?  Well, many of our long term customers treat us in a “trusted advisor” status.  This is something we treasure having built this status over many many years.

There are exceptions of course.  IBM, GSX, RIM, Symantec and a few others.  Now, Elguji.  We have often liked Ideajam.  We have often recommended it.  But over recent months more and more of our customers have adopted a sensible approach to knowledge gathering in their companies.  So we started the partner process.  As expected, the team in Elguji are a dream to deal with.  This instantly makes the the type of partner we love to deal with (Like GSX, Symantec and a few others.  Points for noticing those I did not include).

Of course, Gayle put it a lot better here.

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And Bluewave makes the papers

The Irish Times no less.

TWO CONSULTANTS with Irish firm Bluewave Technology have been recognised by IBM as being among the top 50 experts worldwide on its collaboration technologies.


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