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Adminblast 2014 slide deck available for download

I have uploaded the Adminblast 2014 deck to my resources page for download.  Many many thanks to Gab Davis for presenting with me and keeping us on track and on time.

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My speaking sessions at Lotusphere

I earlier announced one session I was confirmed to present at Lotusphere, but now all the emails are out, I have a few more where you will see me on stage.  Nearer the time, I will blog times/locations for the sessions.

Adminblast 2014 (with Gab Davis)

What we wish we had known.  Becoming an IBM Connections Administrator (with Gab Davis)

Show and Tell: Taking IBM Sametime Mobile (again, with Gab Davis – this will be a step by step approach of taking a standard sametime deployment and putting it on your mobile device).

Defending the perimeter.  Protecting your Domino web servers.

All of these sessions and more are available to browse on the Connect 2014 website.  So, are you going?

Note:  There may be an additional session,  which should be a lot of fun, with a speaker we all know.  I’m waiting to see if that is going to happen.

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IBM Connect 2014 Call for abstracts is now open

That time of year has come again.  IBM have opened the doors for submissions on the expanded Lotusphere+everything else event for speakers to submit abstracts to present.

This is a year of ‘new’ and of ‘more.’ The new expanded focus for Connect 2014 is all about “Energizing Life’s Work,” empowering IBM clients and their employees to drive real business results. Whether it’s the Lotusphere Technical Program, the Smarter Workforce track (Kenexa World Conference), or the newly-expanded Smarter Commerce track, Connect 2014 provides the insight to help IT, HR, Marketing, and business leaders from around the world transform how they work.

The tracks you knew and loved are still there, along with some new themes.  This year, I am again reprising my role with Gab Davis assisting the Show and Tell Track on session select and review.  SNT is still the track “I want to go to” every year.  Traditionally it is one of the highest rated and most challenging.

The Show ‘n Tell track brings you the best in live technical education. SNT sessions explain in comprehensive detail a specific technology with detailed instructions, picture screenshots and live demonstrations that show how it can be used and applied for your environment. With 90 minutes per session you can share your expertise with an audience who has come to learn
something new. This year we are interested in technical content on any of the IBM Collaboration Solutions products demonstrating how people can get the best out of them, as well as how combining IBM technology can deliver an integrated Social Experience. Whether you’re an administrator or a developer consider only that our attendees are working with complex technologies and demanding new ideas, at IBM Connect we want to give them content they can’t get anywhere else.

Get your thinking caps on and submit.

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What I deal with at ICON

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What sponsors get at ICON

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Speaking at IBM SpringTec13 Conference, Madrid this week

Tomorrow I fly off to Madrid until Thursday morning, to present at the IBM SpringTec conference.  Among a few other things, I will be speaking for Teamstudio and demoing their Unplugged solution.  If you are an IBMr and plan on attending, be sure to say hello.  I have been neck deep in mobility, MDMs, MAMs and more for the past few months, so happy to discuss products and topics, or even answer questions if I can be of use.

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A quick review of BLUG (with weird video)

Only getting to post this now.  Last week, a couple of days after returning from Auslug, I drove from Belfast to Leuven to present my Ethical Hacking for Domino day before the BLUG event.  Don’t believe me?  Enter my Swanncam freestyle (Carl Tyler may approve).


The venue, was stunning.  The town itself is lively and friendly, taken from what little I saw of it.  The hacking day (in my opinion) went very well with a full room and even two guests to add their opinions.  Mr Bill Malchisky and Andrew Pollack.  After that BLUG began.  Its hard to describe BLUG without saying it is everything I have seen in professional conferences and more, and yet Theo runs it free for delegates.  Hands down the best LUG of them all.  Best content, venue, atmosphere, sponsors, speakers, keynote.  All of it is amazing.  I was lucky enough to be asked to present my Adminblast session, aswell as a review with Gab Davis.  At the end of day one, I MCd SpeedSponsoring and then started the drive home.  That’s where it all started to go wrong.

My plan was to leave at 7.30pm in Leuven, and make the 8am ferry from Stranraer in Scotland.  Long drive, but manageable.

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I made it just past London and the snow began.  By the time I got to Manchester I had to pull in and book into a Travel Lodge in Knutsford (abandon all hope ye who enter here).  The next morning I tried to shoot for Stranraer for the 11am ferry.  What began was 14 hours of hell.  Going back was impossible, going forward was a nightmare.  Finally making the ferry at 11pm to be told the last one was cancelled and having to spend the evening asleep in the terminal before getting home for lunch tomorrow.  Below is some shots of the Friday as it got worse.  The nighttime part is actually a road.  You just cant see it.

With all the travel recently, I am going to pull back from the LUGs for a while, focussing on MOBUG and Hacking day presentations.  If you are in Germany, stay tuned for some announcements.

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Auslug 2013

Sitting in HK airport now, waiting for my second last flight to get back to Belfast. In a single week I managed to check quite a few travel “bucket list” boxes thanks to Auslug (and Tony Holder from HADSL). From Hong Kong to Sydney, Manly bay, national parks and then to Brisbane, I consider myself very lucky. Tired, but very lucky.

The Auslug conference is about 10,000 miles away from the usual conferences I attend. However, it was the same in many ways. Organised like clockwork, with madness up to the day before, it ran smoothly, with fantastic content and speakers, all paid for by sponsors. People the AUSLUG region are very lucky to have Mat Newman, Karen Hooper and the many other organisers to put this together. They are also very lucky to have sponsors like IBM, HADSL, ISW, Net-effects, Teamstudio, Dr. Notes, Crossware, BCC and more to pay for all of the content. A brilliant event. If they will have me, I will be back.

My last day in Brisbane was spent covering the ethical hacking day in the IBM offices. Again, great crowd and great discussion. Now to get home and get back to work before BLUG gets in gear.

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Auslug 2013

This year, I am fulfilling a promise made to Mat Newman over 2 years ago.  I will be speaking next week at Auslug 2013.  It’s my first time at Auslug (and first time in Australia for that matter) so looking forward to seeing what the down-under version of the LUGs brings to the event table.  By every account over the past two years it is a well planned, well laid out conference with excellent speakers and content (and the occasional beer).  The day following Auslug (13th March) I will be presenting my Ethical Hacking and Domino workshop before heading home.  There are still spaces for both events, so if you are in the region try to make it.  I doubt I will know many people there, so be sure to say hello.

From a travel perspective, I will be leaving Belfast for London tomorrow, meeting with Tony Holder and heading to Hong Kong for a night.  Then Sydney for 2 days and flying to Brisbane on the Sunday.  Three days in Brisbane at Auslug and flying home straight afterwards.  It will be a rough week, travel wise but I am looking forward to actually making it all the way to Aus.

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Heading to LCTY Hamburg


Sitting in Belfast City Airport now, awaiting a flight to London, to meet Bill Buchan and then we head over to LCTY Hamburg, generously arranged by the great guys (and Simon Peek) in We4IT.  There is an impressive lineup for the day, including Scott Souder taking over Ed’s Messaging and Collaboration Strategy session.  As for me, I will be presenting Adminblast followed by a reprisal of Bill and I doing Worst Practices from Connect 13.

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