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A question from a User Group first-timer.

From my inbox (blogged with permission).


I’m somewhat new to the XPages stuff. As a software developer, I have found your site (along with many others) to be very insightful and helpful when it comes to making my brain into a sponge. I appreciate all the work you have posted here, it is very beneficial to us newbies.

What I wanted to ask you was regarding MWLUG next month. This will be the first MWLUG that I will attend, and I’m trying to figure out exactly what I need to bring, what sessions I should be going to, etc. I live in the Indianapolis area, so I’m fortunate to have it located in my back yard. Anyway, any advice you could give for a first-time MWLUG attendee would be greatly appreciated. (Hopefully there are more like me out there, because there really isn’t any information/tips anywhere online that I could find. I just want to be sure I bring everything I might need.

Thanks again.


Chad Smith


There are many tips I can give.

  • Dress code is typically casual.  Business casual if you feel more comfortable but suits are few and far between
  • Remember the speakers are doing this for free, so be appreciative
  • Go to sessions that interest you.  I tend to stick clear of IBM marketing sessions, but they are few and far between after the keynote at Lugs, if you need some marketing assistance for your business, then go to
  • If you like the way someone blogs/writes, there is a good chance you will like the way they present
  • Look at the sessions that are not selling things,  unless its honestly selling them and doing it in a non-shitty way (that’s a personal rule).
  • Keep an open mind.  Something you hated a few years back may be better now
  • Remember the organisers do all this for free, so thank them and buy them a beer
  • The sponsors typically don’t do a hard sell at these events, but they have paid for everything so do keep and open mind and take a look at their products.  You never know that something could be useful to you.
  • Some speakers (IBM and non-IBM) say things they would not get away with at a real conference.  If they ask you not to tweet something, be good enough to comply.
  • Remember that everyone for the most part is as enthusiastic  as you.  Feed of it.  Talk to people. They want to share stories.
  • Bring business cards
  • Bring personal internet access (wifi usually suffers)
  • Try to stay near or at the venue
  • At all times, Obey Wheaton’s Law

But please, do join in if you have tips, or have a blog post where you already cover this.

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List databases’ adminp settings

Mental breadcrumb for myself here as I totally forgot this command when asked a few days ago.  Want to list administration server settings for all databases on a server?

Tell adminp show databases

Will list and output the data in the console and log.nsf.  As from the infocentre:

Displays (and records in the server’s log file) this information:

  • The databases that a particular administration server updates

  • The locations in the database where it updates Reader and Author fields in the databases it updates

  • The databases that don’t have an administration server assigned to them

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1.0 – Still in shrinkwrap


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In production (ish)

Do as I say, not as I do.

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No Ethical Hacking Domino event at UKLUG

Just to keep the people that were interested informed, there was not enough interest in the Ethical Hacking for Domino day at UKLUG, so I couldn’t proceed and book a venue etc.

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Was asked to explain this today

Brand new Macbook Pro.  Fresh install of Mountain Lion.  I know it has been discussed, documented and blogged already, but now there is a (senior) person looking at me  with a WTF face.  Luckily he loves the product and will use vmware for 30-60 days until support is issued.

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Thinking out loud – Ethical Hacking of Domino admin day after UKLUG?

Realistically I should have thought of this earlier.  UKLUG is approaching fast and the full on geekery will be 3-4 September in Cardiff (for details go to the UKLUG website).  It promises to be a fantastic two days and the team are putting together the finishing touches to the logistics.

Before UKLUG I have MWLUG and plan to present the Ethical Hacking day in New York and Pittsburgh.  For details on those, click here.

But… and this is just a but, would any delegates at UKLUG be interested in staying another day and attending the workshop?  So Wednesday 5th September.  It’s not a free day.  I would want approx 5 people to book and confirm to make it viable.  So if you are interested, drop me a note or comment on the blog.

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Lotus Learned…

Don’t copy content blatantly and post a pissy link to the original source from hundreds of IT blogs, then cite bullshit reasons for doing it, then embed boatloads of advertising in the content you stole and expect people not to complain.  This is a small community Ms Smith.  Many of the community bump into each other professionally very frequently.   Do you think this little episode has done your reputation harm, or good.

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Domino Ethical Hacking workshop announced

First announcement of the week.

Bluewave have decided to run a workshop in London on may 24th. This workshop will be an introduction to hacking with a domino slant. We have had to spend a lot of time in this field over the past months out of client requirements. And it’s pretty damn interesting.

The day is aimed at admins (devs please note this particular workshop won’t be talking script exploits at a deep level) who are new to this area and have domino http servers. It will be a combination of presentation and demo (similar to the traveler workshops) and we hope to run it in the USA too if there is enough interest.

Feel free to comment with questions.
click here for agenda and registration details

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System databases and transaction logging

The Domino server team (Hat tip to John Paganetti and Steve Watts) have sent me a link to their recommended best practices covering Transactional Logging and DAOS.  It covers many things, but most importantly (to me) what system databaess should have these features enabled or disabled.  There is a lot of confusion about best practices in this area (I was confused myself) so this clears it up nicely.

go here

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