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Leveraging entitled software with subscription. Available for download

The BP301 session, which Gab and I wrote and presented called “Leveraging all the entitled software you never knew you had with license subscription” is now available for download on my resources page.  I must say, we are still both shocked at the feedback being received for this session.  We were out of our comfort zone but tried to create and present a session on Licensing “for the layman”.  Attendees seemed to really enjoy it.  It’s not server creation, or even Social!, but contains value in promoting the potential value of maintaining subscription.

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An addendum to Adminblast tip

First of all, hat tip to Cristian D’Aloisio for correcting this tip.  I’m sorry for leaving out some detail guys.  Won’t happen again.

Tip #21


n=total size of message to prevent a user sending a 1mb email to 1000 people.  This uses n as the total calculated size of the email and will NDR if it exceeds the value.

What I forgot to point out is that if you want to include attachments in the calculation, you need to also include

RouterMaxEffectiveSizeIncAttach=1 the server notes.ini file.

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The LS12 Hog ride. In pictures.

Yes, my Lotusphere round-up is coming.  But for those who are not my friends on facebook, here are some of the pictures taken during our 2-day outing.

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Adminblast 2012. Available for download

I have uploaded my Adminblast 2012 session and it is now available on the resources page.  Hope it provides some use to people.

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Speedgeeking session available for download

My Lotusphere 2012 speedgeeking session is now available for download.  The deck covers Lotus Notes on a Mac for non-mac people.  Available on my resources page.

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Lotus Traveler – Level up!. Download here

The Show and Tell session I wrote and presented with Gab “redacted” Davis is now available on my resources page.  We have  also been asked to repeat it on Thursday morning at 8am in the Swan 1 and 2.

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Lotusphere 2012 Live blogging here

With a panel of bloggers all contributing, we will be covering the OGS as it happens here.

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And the time was?


The travel went relatively smoothly, having met many of the uk “usual suspects” on the flight and then everyone else in the dolphin. As ever the Lotusphere time distortion field (ltdf) applies. 10 minutes after checking in, it feels like you never left.

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Start the clock

From Belfast to my room in the dolphin hotel. Any guesses?


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Lotusphere OGS 2011. A reminder

On Jan 31st, 2011, we all queued up and got in line, ran to front row seats and started to get ready for a “get social. do business” techfest that should be the OGS.  COllege students were waiting to be enthused and excited.  The loyal and even the not-so-loyal were there, waiting for a shot in the arm of technology.

We got panels.  Two of them.  Heavily scripted.  And as dull as you can get.  Read this live blog thread from last year.  It was over 90 minutes before we got to a demo.  IBM were aware of the heckling via twitter and also by looking at the restless crowd and reacted with too little too late.  Hat tip to the demos at the end though and the bloggers that did their best to big up the finale online.

IBM accepted the mistake.  They even joked about it at the Leadership Alliance Council.  We know Lotus knows what went wrong (see what I did there).  Let’s see how it all changes on Monday.  Thoughts?

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