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Two very long weeks ahead

Weekly commuting by plane has now become so common that it’s not worth blogging about anymore.  That said, the next two weeks should be interesting.  This week consists of working in Belfast, then London, then straight to Amsterdam, then back to London, then home.  Next week starts in Belfast, then onto Vienna, then Denmark (to present at DANNOTES), then back to Amsterdam (for Social Connections) then home.  I think I am on a plane every week day for the next 2 weeks.  This will not be fun.

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Start the clock

From Belfast to my room in the dolphin hotel. Any guesses?


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This week – Zurich

After a MONTH of no planes, it all kicks off again tomorrow.  Flying from Dublin to Zurich to present a Lotus Traveler workshop for the day on Friday with Teamstudio.  Hope to see you there.

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This week. London

After seven flights in seven days over last week, this week involves London, and London alone.  That said, it also involves 2 days with a customer, 4 meetings, 2 online demo’s and .. oh yes a totally free presentation given on Thursday by myself and Warren Elsmore (followed by a few drinkies if anybody is about).

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And the time was..

I’m starting to think Dennis is stalking me…

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This week, Washington DC and Cleveland

Returning home from Rome last night in time to unpack, repack and set off this morning.  Tomorrow I will be presenting the Teamstudio Traveler workshop in Alexandria, VA.  Straight afterwards. heading to Cleveland OH to work with a customer.

So the clock will begin when I leave my house in Belfast.  Nearest guess on my travel time to the Lorien hotel in Alexandria wins a prize!

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This week. London and Rome

Heading to London at stupid o’clock to work on a new project tomorrow morning.  Fly home Wednesday night, unpack, repack and head to Dublin Thursday morning to fly to Rome for a few days.  It will be my first time to Rome, so looking forward to seeing the city everyone talks about.

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This week – Boston

Heading to Boston tomorrow to attend the IBM Leadership Alliance conference for the week.  Looking forward to seeing colleagues and friends there.  Although the event is mostly under NDA, I’m sure some of sentiment of the event will hit the blogs.

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And the time was..

So very tired…

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Belfast -> St. Louis

Via Dublin and Chicago.  Clock starts leaving my house.  Clock stops getting to my room.  Closest guess wins a prize! ;)

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