Microsoft Application Analyser posts
Here is a history of my posts related to the MS Application Analyser tool(s).  Obviously, this does not include the many other (far better written) articles de-constructing this tool.  As ever, I don’t have a problem with MS or their technology or the migration tools (its only software!).  I have a problem with people using this for FUD and marketing, and lying to the customer.

Websphere Portal Server 6 Downloads/resources
As part of the ongoing SNTT posts on integrating WPS with Domino and Sametime, here is all the links to relevant pages/downloads.

Part 1 – What you need to download
Part 2 – Platform Requirements
Part 3 – Preparing the OS for the installation
Part 4 – Installing WPS6
Part 5 – Preparing Domino LDAP to be used with WPS
Part 6 – Configuring Security for WPS with Domino LDAP
Part 7 – Configuring Single Sign on for WPS and Domino

The Lotus Notes Client error changing tool (with Bill and Julian)

Post about it here
Version 1.52 (fully integrated solution now)

Lotusphere 2008 Presentations
All things mail jumpstart
Die Hard – Deciphering a server crash
Worst Practices

Lotusphere 2009 Presentations
Adminblast 2009
11 Commandments
Blackberry sponsored BES Admin session
The world has gone mobile
Clustering Administration session
Step by Step guide to implement idVault and DAOS

Lotusphere 2010 Presentations
Adminblast 2010
Worst Practices 2010
DAOS and IDVault 2010

Admincamp 2009 Presentations
Lotus Traveler 851 beta setup
Clustering and SAI

DANNOTES 2009 Presentations
DAOS – Step by Step
Social Networking (an intro)
Best of Worst Practices

TristateLUG 2009 Presentation
DAOS – Step by Step

The mail file ACL changing tool
Post about it here
Download V0.1 here

Download V0.2 here

Download v0.3 here

Download v0.4 (minor bug fix) here

The Agent Signer Listing Database (via Dennis van Remortel)
Lists all signers of all agents in all databases.  Post about it here
Download it here

GSX Monitor/Analyzer 9.3 software review
Download my review of the new release of the GSX software . Here

Quick list of recommended Blackberry policy options to enable
Lists what options you may want to enable to secure blackberry devices in the enterprise. here

Lotusphere 2011 Presentations

Adminblast 2011

Lotusphere 2012 Presentations

Lotus Traveler – Level Up

Speedgeeking  – Apple/Snapple

Adminblast 2012

License Entitlement session



Installing and configuring TS Unplugged, step by step (From UKLUG 2012)


Lotusphere 2013 Presentations

Worst Practices – Back from the depths of dispair

Adminblast 2013

Apple Snapple, its IBM Notes! (2013 version)


Lotusphere 2014 Presentations

Adminblast 2014 (with Gab Davis)